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LAURA DAVID FOSTER, ART THERAPIST AND CLINICAL COUNSELLOR, MPS, RCAT, CCC Laura has just relocated to Kelowna, BC and is now practicing online. She has worked with individual adults to help them to find greater self awareness, self compassion and overall emotional wellness. With her training in visual arts and architectural design and drafting, Laura has experience as an artist, art teacher, and interior designer. Since childhood Laura has had a passion for art-making, with a focus on drawing and painting. Her enthusiasm for art has further developed in recent years, especially in sharing the experience with others. Laura has had direct lived experience with mental health issues, and she has found that visual art has been a great outlet for self-expression. It was through teaching art Laura developed a passion for using her love for art to foster healing and wellness. She wholeheartedly agrees with expressive arts therapist Shaun McNiff, "Art heals." Laura has completed a Master of Psychotherapy and Spirituality degree with an Art Therapy Specialization (MPS-AT), and she has been in private practice since 2017. She has membership with in the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA), as a Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC) member no.12036, and she is a Registered Canadian Art Therapist (RCAT) with the Canadian Art Therapy Association (CATA) member, reg. no. 271-R-20.It was through teaching art Laura developed a passion for using her love for art to foster healing and wellness.
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Endorsements & Testimonials for Foster Art and Wellness

"Your intuition, integrity, and genuine care for the well-being of your clients create a safe home for them where they can unburden themselves of their painful emotions and walk free."Mehdi Naimi MA, RCC, RCAT, BFA, Clinical Supervisor, art/ist/teacher/therapist
"Reading about Laura’s [practicum] I wondered if art therapy could help me. Laura's kind, compassionate and non-judgmental manner soon assured me I was in a safe environment. Hesitant at first, with her expert guidance, I soon discovered it reached reservoirs of pain never before plumbed by traditional therapeutic methods. By removing the restrictions of words, my hands seemed to guide me through my journey. I experienced an emotional and spiritual transformation... Art therapy is the best thing I ever did for myself. " (name and some details withheld for confidentiality)
"Laura is creative and caring; her approach is very effective." Heather Stump, RN, BA, BFA, MSc., CAGS, RCAT

Testimonials from Laura's Open Art Studio in Edmonton

For more information, please contact Laura@FosterArtandWellness.com
"For us personally it has been one stable vital part of our pandemic world. We have been sparked into creative action and also given a sense of hope for a world outside the confines of isolation and quarantine." Steve and Shelby
"Many of us are isolated from friends and family, so it is very important to have a venue (Facebook or Zoom) to connect with others and to create art together, which has proven to be very therapeutic, at least for me. Laura has planned the classes very well, keeping in mind that the participants may have limited art supplies at home. But even without a great deal of art supplies, it is valuable to be able to share and converse with the other participants and to benefit from the facilitation of a professional art therapist."Sheila
"There is a real sense of accomplishment in painting/sketching a picture or making something with one’s hands. [The online studio] provides the means and the teaching so that a novice can produce a piece of art. The program brings together people of differing backgrounds with whom I would normally have no interaction – the effect is to broaden and appreciate other people’s concerns and perspectives."Doug (aka Picasso)
"I like the projects we do with the freedom to do our own thing, the chance to exercise my creativity, the chance to see and socialize with others on Zoom, especially during this time of the pandemic. I need the structure and the camaraderie and am very grateful for Laura David Foster’s kindness and leadership."Jane

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