Creative Art Making Personal Development

Creativity and Mindful Art Processes for Personal Growth

NEW! Creative Art-making for Personal Growth
Starting:  Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Are you looking for something different to try this spring/summer for personal development? Whether you are working through specific issues such as grief, depression or anxiety, or simply finding yourself feeling stressed by life circumstances, allowing yourself to develop self-expression creatively through guided visual art processes is refreshing for your soul. Intentional creative art-making processes in a supportive environment naturally help you gain new insights and greater perspective. Join art therapist Laura David Foster for a time of de-stressing, artistic personal development, and rejuvenate your creative self.

6:30 – 8:30 pm Every 2 weeks on Tuesday, until Jul 24, 2019
6 sessions for $189.00 incl. GST and art supplies.
This course is open to adults of all ages, regular attendance is required.
$39 deposit is required upon registration and the remaining $150 is due by or on the first day. 

Artwork pictured above: “Grounding” 18 x 22″ Oil on paper, Monoprint by Laura D. Foster.