colouring book

Is Art Therapy Just a Colouring Book?

There has been some confusion about art therapy recently when adult colouring books became popular. The following offers clarity on 3 things art therapy IS and is NOT.

Art therapy IS:
1. Art-based psychotherapy. It is like traditional counselling and talk therapy only art is central in the therapist’s approach.
2. Art processes, imagery, and reflection. Through this, growth and healing is found.
3. Within the safety of a therapeutic relationship. Trust in confidentiality is essential for healing in all psychotherapy.

Art therapy is NOT:
1. Just for artists. We are all creative.
2. Just about making “good” art. It is not art lessons; and art is not judged.
3. Just colouring books. Colouring can be relaxing, but art therapy is much more than simply colouring, art therapy offers personal growth, healing and transformation.

So if you are seeking relaxation, colouring may be for you. But if you are finding it difficult to relax, and you’re curious about art therapy, contact me for more information.

Laura Foster, MPS, CCC, AT. is an art therapist who practices in Edmonton, Alberta, CA.